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Apostle Islands Sea Kayak Camping Trips

Apostle Islands Sea Kayak Camping Trips

"Just got back from the 5 day Outer Limits trip. It was fantastic...Our guide and did a great job boosting confidence, being clear about our daily plan, making delicious meals, and making tough calls when weather was rough. I'm pretty athletic but had never sea kayaked before and left this trip feeling confident in my paddling abilities."

"The menu was varied and a pleasant surprise as we are experienced campers and know how hard it is to produce good meals on the move for days at a time."

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The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is a premier paddling destination for good reason. Exploring these islands by kayak gives you something few things do these days...time.

Time to quiet your mind and reset to a slower pace. Time to wonder what it was like when the glaciers covered this land in a mile of ice. Or what it would feel like to be a French Voyageur paddling these waters with your load of furs for trade. It gives you time to ponder what makes sea caves, or perhaps to visit a lighthouse and imagine what it was like to live on these islands as a light-keeper. You may find yourself paddling over a shipwreck and feel the cool hand of the lake give you shivers, or walk through the timeless wisdom of a moss-laden old growth forest.

Camping by sea kayak puts you in touch with the water and islands like no other form of travel. You will be camping, but you will also be traveling in style: Self-sufficient, self-propelled, and in touch with your surroundings.

What to Expect

Experienced Staff - All of our guides havAmerican Canoe Association training and lead guides have advanced first aid certifications and are seasoned paddlers and instructors.
Tasty Meals - This isn't backpacking... Expect specialties such as fresh whitefish and Dutch oven brownies. Read about our food philosophy

Small Group Sizes - Standard trips are between four and ten participants. We can accommodate up to 18 for private groups.

Solid Equipment - Chosen with safety in mind, offering top of the line single, tandem, and even triple kayaks.
Educational Opportunities - You'll come away from your trip with new found skills in paddling and kayak camping. Overnight trips include our Introductory Safety Course which gives you the skills to rent on your own in the future. Every trip also includes lessons in natural and cultural history as our route and time allow.

True Sea Kayak Camping  - This is not a cruise. All group members divide and carry gear & food, with 2-6 hours of paddling per day depending upon route.

Below are your choices, listed in order of length.

Choose Overnight
Blue Water

Best fit: Novice kayak camper and those with limited time.

A great introduction to kayak camping in the Apostle Islands. 

Blue Water

Best fit: Some camping experience, Interest in yoga & meditation

This is a special trip with a special instructor, only offered once this summer. 

Blue Water

Best fit: 14-16 year old's only!

Wilderness living & sea kayaking skills, survival & bushcraft, Choose from a 3 day basecamp experience with skill building and day trips to the sea caves or add 2 days for a 5 day sea kayak camping trip option.

Blue Water

Custom Overnight Trips

For groups of 4 or more we can set up your own dates. For groups of 6 or more we can book your trips out as private. (Details apply)

We also offer custom trips to groups.

Contact Us to set up your custom trip!

Blue Water

Best fit: Novice kayak camper, generally physically fit.

Our most popular overnight, the plan is to visit most of the 'inner ring' of islands. 

Blue Water

Best fit: Solid camping experience, good physical fitness, sea kayaking experience required.

The Experienced Paddler is for those with prior sea kayaking experience wanting to travel further, faster. 

Blue Water

Best fit: Solid camping experience, good physical fitness, sea kayaking experience recommended.

More islands, more time, this trip gets your group out there! A great trip for those who want a true wilderness experience. 

Blue Water

Best fit: Some camping experience, good physical fitness, some paddling experience.

Get out further in the islands with more time to relax and learn. 

Blue Water

Best fit: Solid camping experience, good physical fitness, sea kayaking experience recommended.

Enough time to camp and explore an outer island or two, while providing even more time to get in to the kayak camping groove. 

Blue Water

Best fit: Camping aficionado, good physical fitness, & sea kayaking experience required.

Like our "Experienced Paddler" 4 day trip, but we'll attempt to reach all of the outer islands; Devils, Rocky, Outer, Michigan, and others.

Some longer days requires prior sea kayaking experience. 

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