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6 day kayak camping trip

The Outer Ring

6 Days/5 Nights

Skill Level: Prior sea kayak multi-day travel and backcountry camping experience required.

For experienced paddlers we offer this extended adventure with the goal of not only seeing, but camping on each of the 'Outer Ring' of the Apostle Islands. How does this trip differ from our Wilderness Explorer 6 day? The Outer Ring trip is reserved for those with prior sea kayaking experience who want to see the outer Apostle Islands. Please note that this is NOT a race or meant to be a physical push so much as a trip reserved for those who paddle at a faster rate of travel due to having prior sea kayaking experience and good technique. We also limit this trip to 6 participants and we DO NOT include our Introductory Safety Course, so that we can get out earlier that first morning. (You are expected to already have basic rescue skills in addition to paddling experience)

During this trip we will likely traverse the entire park, and experience true sea kayak conditions due to exposure to the big lake. You'll see more islands and features, but less people. We may end up with one basecamp/non-paddle day in the middle of the trip for taking a rest or exploring nearby islands without gear weighing us down.

$900+tax & fees. (3% National Park Service fee per person) Read our policies prior to booking


Custom dates can be created for groups of 4 or more, with group discounts available. See group reservation details.  

A Sample 6 day Outer Ring Itinerary

7:30 a.m. meeting time

Your first day starts off with a light snack while we pack up, then we travel to our put-in. Once our boats are loaded we'll head out to our island campsite for the night. Upon arrival you may go for a hike, help set up camp, make a fire, maybe fish... while your guide prepares dinner. Typical dinner fare may include fresh Lake Superior Whitefish, rosemary potatoes, dutch oven brownies, vegetarian stir-fry, or paella, or... (You choose your meal options during registration) Later, hug a mug of hot chocolate while you watch the stars from a cliff outcrop or curl up with a book in your tent.

Day 2 may begin with a morning dip in Lake Superior while Ospreys fish from overhead, time to write in your journal while sipping freshly-ground coffee, or maybe you need a warm up and take a run to the lighthouse to see the sunrise. (Or maybe you just sleep in while your guide fixes breakfast...) Day 2 may include a visit to sea caves, historical lighthouses, great beaches for lunch, and your final destination for the night. We should be in the outer islands by now!

Day 3 Devils, Outer, Twin...We'll be exploring these outermost islands of the Apostles for the next couple of days. You might get to paddle through THE most famous sea caves in the Apostles, or get to hike and explore islands where the view is of the north shore of Lake Superior! Now you're getting into the groove of paddling, feeling strong.

Day 4 starts with another great breakfast such as eggs, sausage, and orange juice. (What? On day 4?) By the forth day you're in the rhythm of the islands. We may have found a great base camp for 2 nights to give us time to explore other islands by day trip without having to break camp and carry all of our gear, or perhaps we've ventured way out to the farthest islands and now need to start making our way back towards the mainland. 

Day 5  This morning you may take some time to explore your island by foot, then pack up and begin paddling closer to the mainland so you're within reach of your last day's journey.

Day 6 Your last day will be spent paddling to your take-out, while hopefully viewing some of the near-shore shipwrecks or caves along the way!

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