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Everyone should have the opportunity

to have an educational  adventure.

When registering for an adventure or class our participants have the opportunity to donate to our scholarship fund. 

During 2023 our amazing participants donated $376.80!

Our reward process is not difficult, but it does require thought and an application. We encourage you to apply for 2024!

'Roll Models' - A Teen Kayak Camp

Up to $300 per individual.

This scholarship is specifically for youth ages 14-17 to attend our Kayak Camp program. 

Outdoor/School For Self Reliance (ages up to 17)

Up to $150 per individual per event

This scholarship is for youth interested in attending one of our traditional skills or outdoor workshops. 

Teen Paddling Skills or Adventure

Up to $150 per individual or up to $500 per group of 6 or more.

This scholarship is for youth ages 14-17 interested in one of our paddling classes, clinics, or tours. An adult must accompany youth age 15 or younger.

Hearing or Visual Impairment Scholarship

Up to 10% per individual

This scholarship is offered to those who may need financial assistance in order to have an interpreter or other hired assistance on a trip. Applicable for individual and assistant only.

Veteran Scholarship

25% - up to $150 per individual.

This scholarship is for veterans of any age to attend a guided paddling tour.

How To Apply For A Scholarship

We base our scholarship decisions on sincere interest and need. To apply is simple, but we want you to give it some thought. You can either fill out this online form or answer the following questions on a document that you can attach and email to giving us at least 14 days in advance of your activity date to review.  

  • Your contact information

  • The activity or class you are applying for

  • What is your interest in this subject? Why do you want to attend?

  • What will you bring as far as prior skills, knowledge, enthusiasm, etc.?

  • Why are you in need of financial assistance and in what amount?

  • A current photo. This will be used to describe you and your experience if a scholarship is awarded.

  • How will you pay your experience forward? Some ideas:

    • Create and share a video from your experience.

    • Link to us on your website

    • Review your experience and post it for others to benefit from

    • Refer a friend

    • Help someone else to have an educational adventure.

Individuals and groups are welcome to apply!

Kayak Camp
Sea kayaking skills courses
Outdoor skills courses
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