Not everyone can afford an educational adventure, but everyone should have the opportunity.


Over the years many of our generous guests have contributed to our scholarship fund when signing up for an adventure. During the 2020 season we have had an AMAZING amount of support, with over $500 coming from the Covid-19 relief fund started by our local business association, and $633 from guest donations. Combined with past donations we currently have $2,353.51 in assistance available.

We want to see YOU out on an ED-venture with us soon! Individuals and groups are welcome to apply.

2021 Scholarships Available

Outdoor/School For Self Reliance - Youth or Veteran

$100 per individual per event.

This scholarship is for youth ages 5-15 or veterans interested in attending one of our traditional skills or outdoor workshops. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we have put our winter classes on hold. We hope to resume soon.

Paddling Skills

$100 per individual per event.

This scholarship is for anyone interested in one of our paddling classes or clinics. 

Paddling Adventure Youth or Veteran

$150 individual/$300 group max per trip.

This scholarship is for youth ages 12-16 or veterans. to attend one of our tours. An adult must accompany youth age 15 or younger.

Apply For A Scholarship

We base our scholarship decisions on sincere interest and need. To apply is easy, but we want you to give it some thought. Answer the following questions on a document that you can attach and email to giving us 60 days in advance of your activity date to review. (I.e. You will want to plan ahead)

  • Your contact information

  • The activity or class you are applying for

  • What is your background in this subject?

  • Why do you want to attend?

  • What will you bring as far as prior skills, knowledge, enthusiasm, etc.?

  • Why are you in need of financial assistance and in what amount?

  • How will you pay your experience forward? Some ideas:

    • Create and share a video from your experience.

    • Link to us on your website

    • Review your experience and post it for others to benefit from

    • Refer a friend

    • Help someone else to have an educational adventure.

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