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Paddling Equipment Rentals

Those extras that you need, want, or forgot to bring. Rented by the day on a first come first serve basis. If you are renting a kayak from us most of these items are already included.



Necessary for most trips on Lake Superior. We offer wetsuit options for men, women, and children. They are sleeveless and go down to your ankles.

$10/day ($5 if renting SOT or SUP; included in sea kayak rentals)

Spare paddle

Important to have at least 1 break-down paddle per group in case of loss or breakage.

$5/day (one per group included in sea kayak rental)

Dry Bag

Very water resistant and necessary if you are bringing sensitive items. Sm/Med/Lg.


VHF 2-way Weather Radio

Submersible floating hand-held marine radio with emergency and weather channels. Rechargable battery.


Transport Saddles

Foam blocks and tie downs for transporting kayaks or SUP's on your own vehicle.


Life Jacket

Infant to adult sizes. For safety and by law everyone needs one.

$5/day (included in SOT, SUP, and sea kayak rentals)

Paddlefloat & Bilge Pump

For sea kayak self-rescues and extra safety on-water. 

$3/day (one per boat included in sea kayak rental)

Paddling Equipment
Paddling Equipment
Paddling Equipment
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