Sea Kayaking Courses & Certifications

Introductory Safety Course
Introductory Safety
Course (Skill Level 1)

Offered 8:30am & 1:30pm

(Must reserve ahead of time)

This course (or written proof of the equivalent) is required in order to rent sea kayaks from us.

During this 3+ hour course you will learn foundational knowledge and skills to keep you safe while sea kayaking. Learn how to plan for and predict wind, waves and weather. Learn hazards & safety, paddling technique, and methods for self-rescue and rescuing others. To pass you must flip over and be able to climb back into your boat.

We recommend a refresher every 3 years, required after 5 years. Learn more.

$55 per person, includes all equipment. View payment & refund policies

Take your skills and knowledge to the next level in a short period of time. Courses geared toward novice paddlers in flat water environments up to advanced paddlers looking to certify as instructors. Our instructors are American Canoe Association trained. 

We also offer Group Discounts on most classes.

ACA kayak course
Sea Kayaking Essentials (Skill Level 2)

A fun paddling class that goes beyond our level 1 'Introductory Safety Course' to hit the finer points of touring in a sea kayak. Great for beginners or self-taught intermediates, our curriculum includes proper paddling technique, bracing to prevent capsize, rescue options, and foundational knowledge addressing weather, wind and waves effects on us as kayakers. Course venue will be in relatively calm waters, since the curriculum is meant for paddlers traveling in mellow wind, waves and tide conditions. This course will cover the American Canoe Association Level 2 'Essentials of Kayak Touring' curriculum

Must provide your own equipment or you can rent from us.

$115 per person. View payment & refund policies

ACA kayak course
Sea Kayaking Further (Skill Level 3)

Sea Kayaking Further goes beyond our Essentials course to prepare you for overnight sea kayaking trips and paddling in more challenging sea conditions, with wind up to 10 knots and waves up to 2 feet. (That means if we have waves during the day of your course, we'll get out and play in them!) We'll work on advanced strokes with application in sea caves and rocky areas, and may introduce the roll depending upon interest. This course will cover the American Canoe Association Level 3 'Strokes & Rescues' curriculum

You must provide your own equipment or rent.

$115 per person. View payment & refund policies

ACA kayak course
Advanced Sea Kayaking (Skill Level 4)

This course is for those who have sea kayak tripping experience in waves and wind, and formal instruction in basic strokes and rescues at a minimum. We'll hope for wind 10-15mph and waves 2-4 feet to practice our strokes, rescues, braces, and we'll work on your roll, depending upon interest. This course also covers the American Canoe Level 4 'Open Water' curriculum You must provide your own equipment or rent.

$115 per person. View payment & refund policies

Kayak Certifications
American Canoe Association 
Sea Kayaking Assessments & Certifications

Skills Assessments

A skills assessment is a great way to confirm your current skills and is required prior to taking a kayak instructor certification. Also a great way for camps and other trip leading organizations to be confident in staff paddling skills.

Trip Leader Trainings & Assessments

While the skills assessment is specific to paddling ability, the Trip Leader Assessment is focused on leadership and risk management on-water. Many outfitters who have chosen to offer instructor certifications in the past are moving to this training. Levels 2-4 offered.

Instructor Certification Workshops

For those interested in teaching introductory through advanced students. Levels 1-4 offered.

Kayaking Instructor UPDATE

Meets the 4 year update requirement for instructors.

Instructor UPGRADE

Used to upgrade from your current level of certification.

Introductory Safety Course
ACA Kayak Rolling Instructor Endorsement

August 2022 dates TBA

The ACA Kayak Rolling Instructor Endorsement is for current Level 2 or 3 Coastal or Whitewater Kayaking Instructors to learn how to teach rolling, and enables instructors to teach rolling specific classes.

Because this is a fast-paced course on coaching how to roll, participants should already be proficient in rolling from at least one side of their kayak. Read more about the course curriculum.

Must have own equipment or rent.

$115. Group rates are available. View payment & refund policies

Kayak Instruction
teaching paddleboard.jpg
Custom Coaching

Save time and money over a group class with an educational experience personalized specifically for you or your group.

Our instructors have worked with individuals, families, and groups such as the National Park Service, Colleges, Resorts, and the Boy Scouts. We can come to you.

Finally Learn how to ROLL your kayak

FINE TUNE your sea kayak or SUP skills

LEARN to use a traditional paddle correctly & rolling

Personalized COACHING

3 hour for 1 person - $200

3 hour for 2 people - $275

3 hour for 3-4 people - $425

Full day 1 person - $400

Full day 2 people - $425

Full day 3-4 people - $575


Participants must provide own equipment or rent.

Coming Soon: Sea Caves & Rock Gardens Course

Paddling around rocks teaches you how to be a better paddler, period. This course will foster your confidence to explore amazing (and potentially intimidating) new areas, and the leadership skills to bring a few friends along.

Our location near the Apostle Islands is the perfect place for sea kayakers to learn how to interact with caves and rocks safely. We start out the day learning the strokes and strategies necessary to control your boat in tight quarters, then move to the Mawikwe Bay Cave site or another cave/cliff area to test our skills. (And tour awesome caves!) 

This course also covers the American Canoe Association 'Rock Garden & Sea Cave Skills' curriculum

Prerequisite: Our 'Sea Kayak Further' course or similar. (You will want to have experience in 1-2 foot waves minimum)

$115. Group rates are available. View payment & refund policies