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Wilderness & Water Discovery Youth Programs

Integrating outdoor skills, adventure travel in sea kayaking, wilderness skills, leadership, and community building into immersive experiences with the storied wilderness of the Apostle Islands and breathtaking shoreline beauty of Lake Superior to inspire both individual and collective growth and connection.

Immersive Discovery

Outdoor experiences are foundational in forging a well-balanced relationship between ourselves and the world around us. These programs are designed to offer participants inspirational immersive discovery experiences in the beauty and wonder of the extraordinary south shore island wilderness of Lake Superior.

You’ll get to:

  • Feel the wonder of nature as it inspires your curiosity, creativity, and connection.

  • Participate in the living story of relationship to the land and water.

  • Discover and strengthen your inherent leadership qualities.

  • Explore and encounter the rugged beauty of the most expansive freshwater lake in the world.

  • Connect with the land through hands-on discovery and learning.

There will be opportunities to:

  • Learn the art of living through outdoor skills.

  • Explore beaches, trails, woods, water, and wilderness islands.

  • Discover the remnants of history from ancient times to the present along your travels.

Everyone will:

  • Take part in planning, preparing, and leading their chosen portions of the trip

  • Offer their input and skills to making the camp enjoyable and an awesome discovery experience.

  • Participate in the shared story of a foundational experience for building an authentic self-identity and effective community.​

Purposeful Experiences

Youth Camp - Ages 10-13

2024 Dates Coming Soon

Building a good foundational relationship with nature is of the utmost importance in our early years. This program offers explorations of the surrounding forests, beaches, and natural waters as we discover the magical world of nature through experiential skills such as fire building, earth-based art, and preparing food over the fire. Youth Camp is a 3-day 2-night mainland-based program with some Sit-On-Top kayaking & Stand-Up paddleboarding activities.

Camp runs from 9am-7pm each day with camping available, but pick up and drop off is allowed.  

Teen Kayak Camp - Ages 14-16

July 8-10 & July 8-12, 2024

Our mid-teens are some of the most formative years of our lives. This program is designed to offer teens an opportunity to authentically connect with the natural world on a personally-relevant level, as well as participate in a meaningful wilderness-based group experience. Overnight camping on the mainland with a culminating expedition via sea kayak in the Apostle Islands.


Leadership Camp - Ages 16-18

2024 Dates Coming Soon

In depth leadership and mentorship. A 6-day 5-night course involving outdoor skills and sea kayak training. Course moves out to the islands to put our skills to the test! 

Wilderness Encounter Camp - Ages 16+

2024 Dates Coming Soon

In-depth outdoor skills, while deepening connection with each other and with the natural world. This is a 7-day 6-night island-based program with sea kayaking and outdoor skills training along the way.

Core Curriculum

Our Mission; to empower youth to grow as outdoor enthusiasts, community members, and caretakers of the planet. 

To help us get there we incorporate the following in to every day of the course

  • Activity & Physical Fitness - Exercise and skill building in the outdoors.

  • Knowledge - Map & compass, natural & cultural history, edible plants and experience with various outdoor recreation activities.

  • Teamwork - Living and learning together. Discussions. Pushing comfort zones, and mentoring others.

  • Reflection - Time at the end of day for checking in and discussion. Appreciation circle. Journaling. Solo time. 

  • Structure & Culture - There is a big difference between 'just doing stuff' and creating a culture of growth. Daily tie-ins and group building activities. Positive communication experiences, inspirational stories, quotes, and sharing.


Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands Experiential Discovery

Sea Kayaking Expedition Trips

Outdoor & Wilderness Skills

Immersive Wilderness Encounters

Stories of the Natural & Cultural History of the Northwoods

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