Apostle Islands Sea Kayak Rentals

If you have limited experience with sea kayaking we highly encourage you to take a guided trip with us before heading out on your own. In addition to having the safety of a guide with you, you will learn paddling skills and how to plan a trip by the professionals who do this every day.


Ready to head out on your own? We provide high-quality, well-performing sea kayaks for your journey. We wouldn't like to paddle a bathtub, so we assume you wouldn't either! Our boats are simply the best on the market for what we do. 


We do require that each renter take a Introductory Safety Course from us or a comparable organization before we will rent sea kayaks.


Packages include the kayak, paddles, life jackets, wet-suits, spray skirts, paddle float, bilge pump, and sponge, plus one spare paddle per group. Shuttles are extra.

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Single Sea Kayaks

Single sea kayaks are a 'sporty' option for those interested in going solo, and who will be comfortable in a less stable boat.

Wilderness Systems Tempest 165 & 170. Small and medium sized options. Skeg. Day hatch.

Current Designs Storm Medium to large size paddlers. Rudder.

Necky Looksha 17 Medium to larger size paddlers. Rudder.

Necky Chatham 16 & 17 Smaller and medium to larger sized options. Skeg.

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 160 For medium to larger sized paddlers. Rudder.

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 165 For medium to larger sized paddlers. Rudder.

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 175 For larger paddlers. Lots of storage. Rudder.

Wilderness Systems Focus 15 A shorter kayak with lots of leg room. Rudder.

Wilderness Systems Focus 155 The next size up from the 15. Rudder.

Full Day (back by 6pm) $40

Overnight (Up to 24 hours) $70.

Each additional 24 hour period $35​

Will you need a shuttle?

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Tandem Sea Kayaks - Fiberglass

These are our go-anywhere, bring just about anything kayaks that not only have great gear capacity, but are very efficient paddlers and more stable than the singles.

We recommend all renters have at least one tandem on every trip for safety and to aid packing.

Seaward G3 Comes with nice center hatch for gear or a small person. Rudder.


Seaward G3xlc Same as the G3 but with larger rear cockpit size. Easy to get in and out of.


Necky Nootka Good for medium to shorter sized paddlers. A nice handling, stable boat.


Full Day (back by 6pm) $90

Overnight (Up to 24 hours) $110

Each additional 24 hours $55

Will you need a shuttle?

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Tandem Sea Kayaks - Plastic

This is the type of boat that we use on our day trips. They have some storage room, but are not the best choice for overnight trips. Look into our Fiberglass Tandems if you plan to rent for multiple days.

Plastic tandems are available for day rentals only, when available. We use these boats on our day trips, so there may be limited quantity during our busy times.​

Full Day (back by 6pm) $60

Will you need a shuttle?