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If I purchase a kayak or paddleboard can you ship it to me?

Yes! If you would like to purchase one of our kayaks or SUPs we can ship anywhere in the continental USA or Canada. Price depends upon your location in relation to us, and ranges from $200 to $400 for one boat or board. You can get an estimate here: Enter our zip code 54827 in the "from" section to get your quote. We have other options for shipping as well, but this will give you a ballpark figure.

Used Item Return Policy

For used items we do not accept returns.

NEW item return policy

We accept returns if the item is still in new condition, in unopened package as applicable.

Trips & Tours

Do we paddle tandem or single kayaks on your sea kayak trips?

For short tours we usually use tandem sea kayaks for guests. These are safe, sit-inside boats with flotation and rudders. Occasionally when a guest has prior sea kayaking experience we allow them to paddle a single kayak. On longer (overnight) trips we will need at least one tandem kayak along for safety and storage reasons, but more single kayaks are permitted because of the more extensive training received.

What should I bring on a paddling trip?

We send you this information once you register, but besides quick-dry clothing (such as a bathing suit) It's nice to have a rain/wind top layer, since cold water splash is common from paddles and wave action. We provide a wet suit at your option. For packing lists and other useful information please check out our resources page.

Where do your paddling trips leave from?

We greet guests at our store location in Cornucopia unless otherwise arranged. We are at 22475 Highway 13, Cornucopia WI. A little known fact... We are by far the closest outfitter to the world-famous sea caves. While it is an hour round-trip van ride from Bayfield to the mainland caves, it is only 4 miles for us. This means less time sitting in a van and more time paddling.

What are your cancellation/bad weather policies?

We have a very reasonable cancellation policy. Please see our trips reservation information page for details.

Do I need advanced reservations?

Always! Smaller groups and individuals can often find a spot on our trips with 24 hours advanced notice. Larger groups should give us a weeks notice (or more) if your plans are during the busy part of our season (end of July and beginning of August most years.)

If I'm renting kayaks do need advanced reservations?

Always! Our rentals will often be fully booked during the busy part of the season (July/August)

How fast do I need to (or get to) paddle?

We paddle as a group, and every trip is different. The best thing to expect is that you will be paddling with a nice group of people, at the pace that the group will need to go to be safe. For more information on how we paddle as a group as sea kayakers check out this blog article.

Equipment Rentals

What are your cancellation/bad weather policies?

We have a very reasonable cancellation policy. Please visit our reservation information page for details.

Area Info

What's so special about the Apostle Islands area? (In no particular order)

*The Apostles have some of the last old growth forest left in the mid-west. *There are historical lighthouses on several of the islands that visitors can explore, one of which that still has a lightkeeper! *Each island environment is different. Some have open hardwood forests, while others look more like a rainforest with hanging mosses and lichen. *There are sea caves on several islands, each with its' own shape and feel. *There are 22 Apostle Islands with one (Madeline) outside park boundaries.

Where can we stay?

We have great options on site, both in our Apostle Islands bunkhouse and in our adventure suite. There are several other options in Cornucopia for camping and B&B accomodations as well. Please visit our Guest Resources page for more recommendations.

What else is there to do in your area?

There are some other GREAT paddling destinations that you can reach right from our store. Romans' Point has some beautiful sea cliffs, caves and scenery. Lost Creek is great for nature watching and fishing. You can also paddle directly to the world-famous sea caves or head out into the islands from our beach. There's also waterfall hikes, road and mountain biking, coffee and eateries, sailing, shopping, art galleries, kite flying, frisbee or just hanging out on a great beach. Contact Us if you have specific questions or need direction.

How can I get the most out of my time in the area?

We get this question in many ways throughout the season. Since it is such a big question we invite you to contact us with your specific situation. Day trips to different areas? An overnight trip? Do a kayak training then a rental? Let's chat.

Classes & Workshops

What are you class/workshop cancellation policies?

We have a very reasonable cancellation policy. Please see our Class information page for details.

Do I need advanced reservations?

Always! Our class sizes are limited, and we need to let instructors know how many to preppare for. Wilderness skills and Folk Arts workshops need at least 2 weeks notice most of the time.

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