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Article - You Are What You Eat - Food at Lost Creek Adventures

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

The owners of Lost Creek live off-grid, and grow their own vegetables and fruit as much as possible. We believe it's not only better for our health, but for the health and happiness of the planet we all share. Why would we treat our guests any different than we do ourselves? We try to supply as much of our trip foods from our garden as we can, such as tomatoes, chard, carrots, basil, beans, strawberries, and snap peas.

But with the large number of guests that come through each summer and the short growing season that we have we can only supply a small amount of food from our own garden, so we supplement with as much local and organic as feasible.

Our sea cave day trips offer a picnic style meal including local fruits and veggies when available. These are often organic-certified or organic non-certified. We pay attention to the Dirty Dozen and make sure to either buy organic or substitute with a better option if organic is not available. Our wraps & sandwiches are on organic tortillas or locally made bread. Our lunch meats are not usually organic (unless we find a sale), so for the most sustainable and healthy choice we recommend our vegetarian option, which is also one of the tastiest. These vegetarian sandwiches really are fantastic and filling.

For our Apostle Islands kayak camping trips we normally start the first night off with locally caught Lake Superior Whitefish and local vegetables. For our fruit and vegetable options we offer as much organic as feasible, especially for foods that are known to be heavily sprayed with chemicals such as grapes and apples.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with special food requests or questions. We understand that you are concerned with your health and can accommodate most special food needs.

Some information on our suppliers:

Spirit Creek Farm supplies our Sauerkraut, Kim Chi, and Curtido, and is a local business.

Bodins Fisheries supplies our fish for our overnight trips.

"The Dirty Dozen" includes some of the worst offenders for pesticides. We do our best to buy only organic for the following:







*Cherries (We buy local from Bayfield)





*Sweet Bell Peppers

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