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Wild Edibles Workshop

"What's that plant?" is often the first question asked me. The second; "Can I eat it?"

The second is a bit more complicated to answer. There are some good books out there, and even websites are now portable, allowing you to take an electronic gizmo out there with you to help identify your plants and tell you if they will kill you or not.

The problem is most of these mediums won't show you how the plant looks when it is best to eat it, nor the process of how to prepare it, and definitely not one of the oldest traditional skills: sharing it.

Plants are also like people in a way, even within the same "race" they will look different, depending upon the soil, rain, local herbivores and insects.

There's way more questions to be answered than "What", and "Yes, you can eat it!" Come to Cornucopia this spring our Spring Wild Edibles Workshop to find out more.

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