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School For Self-Reliance & Folk Arts

"A survival class is an insurance policy you only pay for once"

We want our participants to finish every workshop with heads, hearts, and minds full. Through the sharing of traditional and hands-on outdoor skills we hope to build stronger individuals and better communities.

Our Core Curriculum is part of every course and includes:

  • Fundamental knowledge To really know a skill you must know how to do it from scratch. You need to know how to gather the materials, sharpen the blade, and make the tools needed to replicate the skills after you go home.

  • Connection to the natural world We personally interact with the world to gather and create. We believe hands-on is the BEST way to learn about the natural world and our place in it.

  • Self-reliance and resiliency You should come away knowing what you can do without a lot of fancy tools or money, and with the ability to continue learning on your own. You gain the mental toughness needed to work through problems without always having to call a "specialist". In short, these skills change how you think about problems and challenges in all aspects of your life.

For courses & dates please check our Calendar

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