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Snow Camp

Updated: Feb 26

After we offered our first winter "survival" course in Northern Wisconsin everyone agreed that it was so much fun that it should be renamed Snow "Camp" instead. Want to feel like a kid in the winter? Read on!

What we don't understand we fear. Many people assume that being outside during winter is something to be afraid of. (We've all heard stories...) But have you been winter camping? The quiet, the stars, the solitude... the ability to bring and cook gourmet meals! Winter camping sounds like a hardship to many, but with the proper knowledge and a few more clothing items, it can really be a comfortable, bug-free, amazingly beautiful experience.

During Winter Camp participants first learn the basics of what keeps us warm, and what could make us dangerously cold; The physiology of our bodies in the cold.

Then we start from scratch and learn the foundational skills:

*How to make or find shelter and insulation

*How to make fire in cold temperatures

*Water and how to procure

*Food and ways of cooking in winter

We travel by snowshoe to find materials for building a signal fire and then pile up snow to build snow caves and make a snow quarry and cut blocks that can be used to build snow walls and Igloos.

Participants have the option of sleeping inside our heated bunkhouse or outside in a shelter that they build themselves. We challenge you to sleep outside at least one night, but it's up to you!

We also eat some great food, make rope, track animals, and have a ton of fun with lots of campfire time to socialize.

We're looking forward to next years Snow Camp!

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