Learning Adventures for Groups

"I've been taking people into the wilderness since 1990. I love to watch the transformation of the group go from a bunch of individuals to a cohesive team. Human nature thrives in the out-of-doors..."
Greg Weiss, Owner-Lost Creek Adventures
"I got more than I came for. Awesome! Exceeded expectations."
Island Wanderer 3-day overnight - participant
"We enjoyed the time we spent with our guide and thought that he did an excellent job in all phases of the trip."
Apostle Islands Exploration 4 day overnight - participant
"The whole experience was very positive and worth every penny to us."
Sea Cave Full Day trip - camp administrator

Since the beginning, Lost Creek Adventures has been working with groups of all ages to create great custom experiences. Some of these groups include:

*The Boy Scouts - We even have a kayak merit badge counselor on our team.

*Youth mentoring programs - Skill building & leadership curriculum with 30 years of experience.

*Sports teams - looking for anything from a laid-back reward for a season well done, or a team building experience facilitated by our top instructors.

*Wedding parties - And proposals:) Make it one everyone will remember. (and appreciate)

*College programs - We've had a lot of college outdoor groups utilize our top-notch training opportunities.

*Churches - and other groups looking for a revitalizing experience. We work with your mentors to design the perfect blend of activity and reflection time.

*Camps - Probably our biggest client, we are happy to customize your trip and training needs to meet your budget.

All of our tours and instruction programs allow group rates, with no hidden fees or surprises. Feel free to compare us. We will price match any comparable experience. 

We can work with your group to customize...

  • Your Timeline - When is totally up to you (And how early you can book with us.) 

  • Equipment - We know our stuff and will outfit your group with the best gear to fit your needs.

  • Driving and shuttles - Full service all included from start to finish.

  • Route - We know the area, the best campsites, and the options that will make you happy. 

  • Cost - Our prices are all-inclusive and simple to understand. Compare us with others. You may be quoted less but then find hidden fees. See group rate information.

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