Sand Island Overnight

2 Days/1 Night

Skill Level: Any

Sand Island is one of the more diverse Islands for those interested in sampling a bit of what the Apostles have to offer; Sea caves, hiking trails, beaches and remnants of human history to explore such as an old fashioned lighthouse, apple orchard, artifacts and restored buildings... even an old model T Ford chassis!

It's a 4 to 6 mile paddle to camp*. Once we're settled in we'll spend the rest of our time exploring these treasures of Sand Island. The second day we may kayak over to York Island for a lunch break, or to the mainland sea caves as we paddle back to Cornucopia.

*We may make camp on nearby York Island instead of Sand Island to make it a better bug experience for you, depending upon the season. Trust us to create the best camping experience for you! We'll still explore Sand Island.

Scheduled Trip Dates

Trips run Saturday-Sunday beginning in later June. Custom dates also available for groups of 4 or more. 

$299 plus tax per person. Not ready to commit? View our deposit, payment, & refund policies

Oak Island Overnight

2 Days/1 Night

Skill Level: Any

This trip starts with a 9 mile paddle, which is further than with our Sand Island overnight, but not too much for a novice to handle, and includes shipwrecks along the way! Oak Island also has a lot of hiking trails for the motivated explorer. Depending upon wind direction we may have the chance to visit the Raspberry Island lighthouse along our route.


Scheduled Trip Dates

Trips normally run Saturday-Sunday beginning in later June. Custom dates also available for groups of 4 or more. 

$299 plus tax per person. Not ready to commit? View our deposit, payment, & refund policies

A Sample 2-day Trip Itinerary

Your first day starts off with a course in kayak skills and safety. You eat a great lunch. Then we travel to your put-in where you learn to pack your kayak and you head out to our island campsite for the night. Upon arrival you may go for a hike, help set up camp, make a fire, maybe fish... while your guide prepares dinner. Typical dinner fare may include fresh Lake Superior Whitefish, rosemary potatoes, dutch oven brownies, vegetarian stir-fry, or paella, or... (You choose your meal options during registration) Later, hug a mug of hot chocolate while you watch the stars from a cliff outcrop or curl up with a book in your tent.

The next day may begin with a morning dip in Lake Superior while Ospreys fish from overhead, time to write in your journal while sipping freshly-ground coffee, or maybe you need a warm up and take a run to the lighthouse to see the sunrise. (Or maybe you just sleep in while your guide fixes breakfast)

The rest of your trip will be spent exploring what your unique travel route has to offer; sea caves, historical sites, grand beaches, shipwrecks, wildlife and companionship.

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