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Do I Need Experience To Kayak The Apostle Islands?

For most of our tours, no experience is required. We use stable tandem kayaks and choose when we go out, and when we need to cancel.

We use tandem kayaks because it's more efficient to have two people paddling, and they are MUCH less likely to tip over than single kayaks. Many people have paddled single recreational style kayaks, which are wide and stable, but became dangerous when on the inland sea we call Lake Superior. Single sea kayaks are tippy, which DO require experience and balance in waves. However this tippy-ness is actually safer in waves once you have the experience and balance to do so.

A paddler contemplating if they should leave shore

For longer tours such as overnight camping trips, we do have more people choose single kayaks. This is possible because on the first day of the trip we provide an Introductory Safety Course which gives guests time to gain the 'sea legs' needed to paddle a single.

We only have a couple of trips where sea kayaking experiences is specifically required. Our 4 day Experienced Paddler and 6 day Outer Ring. We created those trips specifically for paddlers who have experience and want to paddle 'fast' by normal standards. Experienced paddlers tend to travel twice as fast as novices, mostly due to practiced technique, not strength.

So there you have it! You don't need experience in any kind of boat, kayak, or canoe to join us on an adventure!

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