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Apostle Islands Kayaking Tours - Which trip should I do?

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

This article provides time and distance information about our kayaking half and full day trips. Our kayak camping trips are covered more here.

Many people ask our opinion on which trip they should do. Since the full description is on our website, I think this question really comes down to; "How can I see the most with the least amount of ______?" (Time, effort, etc)

Most guests choose a half-day option because a full day of kayaking seems like a lot, and it would be! Except even our full day trips only have you paddling for 4 hours at the most. Our full day trips are designed for healthy novices, with plenty of time for breaks, so don't let the name scare you, you can do it! The real question is, do you want to?

To help you choose the best trip for your paddling experience here's a breakdown of our kayaking day trips from least miles to most:

  • Full Moon Kayak - Obviously not a 'day' tour, but this is our shortest trip at about 2.5 miles of paddling, and 2 hours on the water with no land breaks. 3.5 hour maximum time commitment overall.

  • Romans Point 1/2 day - Approximately 4 miles of paddling, with 2.25 hours on the water, but with a potential break to stretch your legs, depending upon the group. 3.5 hour total time commitment.

  • Mainland Sea Caves 1/2 day - Approximately 4 miles of paddling, with 2.25 hours on the water. 4 hour maximum time commitment.

  • Romans Point Full Day - Approximately 6.75 miles of paddling, with 4 hours on the water, with a beach break for lunch, and potential for another stretch break. 6.5 hour maximum time commitment depending upon group paddling speed.

  • Mainland Sea Caves Full Day - approximately 8 miles of paddling, with 3.5 hours on the water, and a nice break on the beach for lunch. No other landings. 6.5 hour total time commitment.

  • Sand Island Full Day - 8-10 miles of paddling, depending upon your landing location, with 4 hours on the water. 7.5 hour maximum time commitment with driving to put-in.

The times listed are approximate. Hopefully this information is useful!

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