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Outdoor Programs at Lost Creek Adventures

Updated: Mar 25

Join us this summer for a guide-led learning experience while connecting with nature in a beautiful setting on a Lake Superior beach, by a waterfall, in a northwoods forest, or on an exciting hiking adventure.

Our 'Ed-Venture' Outdoor Programs are mini-course style workshops highlighting outdoor skills that inspire you to explore a deeper relationship with nature and the world around you.

One of the things we’re in definite need of anymore is opportunities to get out and experience nature. But how? Where? It seems to be a lost skill these days. Lost Creek Adventures has your interest in mind with some education & adventure all rolled into one - an 'Ed-Venture'. These programs are designed to both help you learn new skills and create opportunities for you to get out and experience nature in some really cool ways. (With some really cool people:)

Come spend some quality time with us in one of these workshops. On average they last about 3 hours and have a hands-on, mind-in focus on traditional skills and nature attunement.

These programs are great for folks of all ages!

Each program will have opportunities to:

  • Participate in the living story of relationship to the land and water.

  • Learn the art of living through outdoor skills.

  • Explore beaches, trails, woods, water, and learn what they have to share.

  • Connect with the land through hands-on discovery and learning.

Programs offered: Biweekly July-August / At least monthly the rest of the year (Some projects may take multiple meetings, for example - paddle carving)

Pre-registration is required, and is non-refundable due to limited space available.

Cost is $25/person per day. A material fee may be required depending upon workshop. A purchase of an Ed-Venture 'Yearly Pass' is available for $100, allows you to take as many of the programs as you would like for a 12 month period.

Make connections in nature a priority while enjoying the exceptional aspects of a relationship with the land and water of the area.

Check dates for programs offered

  • Wild Edible Plants

  • Nature-based Beach Art

  • Creating Earth-based Pigments

  • Traditional Fire Building & Usage

  • Create Your Own Walking Stick

  • Campfire Cooking

  • Earth-based Pottery Making

  • Animal Tracks and Traces

  • Forest Therapy Walk, and more…

*Privately scheduled offerings of these programs are possible. Inquire about details.

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