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Registration Information & Policies


And thank you for coming to this important page! We want you to be fully prepared for your experience, so take a minute to read this important information and contact us with questions.


The Risks

All of our offerings include inherent risks, and we see this as a good thing! Without risk we cannot grow nor would anything be much fun, however you must be willing to acknowledge that you are taking risks in order to join us on a trip or class.

Before a program begins, all participants are required to read, understand, and sign our Acknowledgment Of Risk Form to signify that you are choosing to accept risk as part of the experience. 

Team Effort

Participants must be willing and able to follow the instructions given by our staff. It is also important that the group work together as a team. Whether it be staying together on the water, or offering someone a helping hand, the better we work as a team the more enjoyable experience we all have. You may not know the other people in your group at the start, but you are all here for the same reasons; to learn, relax, be challenged, and have fun.

Physical Challenges

You may be asked to lift, carry, hike, pull, paddle, and otherwise exert yourself physically during your time with us. It is your choice whether to take part in any of the activities presented. You should inform your instructor/guide if you feel uncomfortable with any of the tasks we are doing.  We strongly suggest that you consult your health professional prior to registering and contact us with any concerns you may have.  

Policies Regarding Minors

A parent or guardian must be present at all times when including a minor within our programs. You are responsible for their behavior and well-being. See details​.

What Happens If?
  • Medical Emergencies - Be sure your personal insurance is adequate to cover expenses caused by accidents in sometimes remote locations. Our staff are trained to administer first aid, however Lost Creek Adventures LLC cannot assume liability regarding costs of providing medical care or emergency evacuations. If your health insurance does not cover these events and evacuation services, Travelers insurance or Registration Saver can be a way to handle this gap in coverage. 

  • Weather Changes - We are often asked what happens if the weather is "bad". Paddling trips will still go if it's drizzling. We cancel if there is hazardous weather. The grey area is when it is safe to get on the water but it's too windy to go to our primary advertised location. In this case we reserve the right to choose an alternate location for your paddling trip. Read more about how and why we choose Alternate Locations.

Payment, Cancellation & Refund policies

Read our policies. Like purchasing a plane ticket, booking a trip with us requires that you accept limitations on when you can change or cancel. Changes to travel plans can be costly. If you are worried, you may want to consider purchasing Travel Insurance or Registration Saver

Group & Family Trip Organizers

If you are in charge of a group you must be sure to communicate the specifics of the program and these policies to all group members. Read more about group reservations.

Pricing Specials & Discounts 

Group Discounts

We offer most groups over six a discount! Read more.

Special Discounts

We offer specials throughout the year on trips, classes, and gift certificates. Sign up for our newsletter to get in on these offers.

Store Specials 

Check out our online store for current deals on gift certificates and other sales.


We set aside money from sales to put towards scholarships. Check out our current offerings.

Discounts & Specials
Changes & Cancellations
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