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Programs Assistant

Year-Round with Full Time Summer Season

Position is currently filled.


This position is expected to be filled by either an internal hire or someone with previous outdoor program management experience specific to sea kayaking. Some remote work is available, but the expectation is for the Programs Assistant to live locally most of the year.

Position is available for a 6 to 10 month contract depending upon ability to create the position around your aptitudes. (Leading winter trips, teach classes and certifications, etc.)

The Work

The role of the Programs Assistant is to work side by side with the company owner and managers on all necessary tasks. During shoulder seasons (Fall/Winter/Spring) Program Assistants help with outreach, program creation, reservations, communications, hiring, and marketing.

Responsibilities are roughly broken down to:

15% Hiring

10-40% Off-season programming. (Depending upon skills and experience) Winter workshops, sea kayaking expeditions, youth programs)

15% Kayak Camp for kids and other special programming; Planning, outreach, registration.

20% Reservations & Communications

10% Outreach & Marketing

During our primary season (summer/May-September) responsibilities roughly break down to:

10% Training outdoor leaders/guides. (Mostly early season with check-ins throughout the season)

25% Office

15% Logistics/support/repair

10% Kitchen help and overnight pack out

25% Guiding day and overnight kayaking trips

15% Coordinating special events & trips: Youth camp, kayak classes, workshops, etc.

Qualifications & Responsibilities

The Programs Assistant is expected to have all of the qualities listed for Lead Guides, plus:

  • Excellent leadership experience with applicable references. 

  • Excellent mature communication skills on phone and by email.

  • Desire & ability to market and sell programs.

  • Experience working with youth, training leaders, and working with management teams.

Compensation & Benefits

We are currently offering this position as hourly or salaried average $18/hr, plus 5% automatic bonus at end of contract, plus an additional up to 5% for quality of work, depending upon experience.

Position dates

Seasonal full time and part time year-round.

To Apply

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