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Sea Kayaking Guides & Paddling Instructors

Summer Seasonal with Internships Available

2023 Positions filled, but we are taking a waiting list of applicants

The Ideal Guide

Is someone who loves to educate about nature and culture, strives to change lives for the better, enjoys entertaining, creating happiness and community, and who thinks getting paid to explore the world with others is pretty awesome! 

Staff Development

Already have sea kayaking experience? Great!  If not, we offer training to get you up to speed. To start, we offer an intensive 4 days of sea kayaking rescues and coaching, that includes an American Canoe Association level 3 skills assessment. We also offer Wilderness First Aid if you aren't already certified. Once you pass first aid and the level 3 assessment you are invited to join our New Guide Training which includes sea kayaking leadership and group management, learning all about kayak repairs, driving 15 passenger vans, food preparation and the natural and cultural history of our amazing location. At the end of this training period all staff are on the way to becoming American Canoe Association (ACA) Trip Leaders. Continuing education opportunities are offered weekly throughout the summer season. Experienced guides and returning staff have opportunities to advance their skills and gain ACA Instructor certifications.

The Work

Guide/Instructors lead half day, full day, and multi-day sea kayak camping trips and teach safety and instructional courses in kayak and stand up paddle boarding. Guides may also drive shuttles, fix boats, and have other work opportunities around the shop. This job requires you to work with people of all backgrounds, while being able to lift kayaks, work often long hours, and be out in all types of weather. All staff need to be able to communicate well and work as a team, be in good shape, and be willing to learn. You can expect a positive work environment and a lot of opportunities for fun and personal growth. 

Our Guide Structure

Guide Candidates - A requirement for being hired as a guide is sea kayaking skills (ACA level 3 assessed or the equivalent) and Wilderness First Aid (Or higher) and CPR. We accept those who do not yet possess these skills as 'Candidates', and offer these courses for free prior to hiring at Level 1. This level normally lasts 4 to 7 days.


Level 1: Apprentice Guides - After meeting sea kayaking skill and first aid certification requirements you are hired at Level 1: Apprentice Guide. This level is paid a stipend as you take further training. This period of New Guide Training lasts about a week.

Level 2: Assistant Guides - You have finished New Guide training and are now assisting on trips and skills classes as you develop on-water leadership experience and hone your paddling skills. As an Assistant Guide you are in the process of 'checking out' to lead trips on your own. This stage lasts 1 to 2 weeks depending upon ability and comfort leading a group on your own.

Level 3-5: Lead & Mentor Guides - Once 'checked out' to lead trips you are considered a Lead Guide. This normally happens by the 3rd week of the training process. You may now lead any of our day trips and are working toward leading overnight trips. Levels 3-5 require and increasing ability to lead, teach, and handle rough water rescue situations, as well as cook tasty meals and share natural cultural history with guests. Lead & Mentor guides can continue their education by attending future certification courses for free.

Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Timely and able to work early and late hours.

  • Good communication skills.

  • Sense of humor

  • Friendly, people-centered attitude 

  • Desire to work with a diverse clientele

  • Confident problem-solving ability

  • Fantastic judgment 

  • Own transportation to and from work

  • Love of the outdoors and sharing that love with others!

  • Other desired skills: Ability to do minor repairs, grace under pressure, paddling skills, leadership and teaching experience.

Compensation & Benefits

We have a 5-level system, with paddling skill, time in the field, and leadership experience bringing commensurate increases in pay. Substantial increases are given to guides for gaining certifications, returning for following seasons, and for previous experience. We also offer up to $1000 as an end of season bonus based on days in the field and work quality.

With a full time, full summer season contract completed, first season guides can expect to average $18/hr, including the paid training period (at a lower rate) and end of season bonus. Tips will add 15-20%. Average pay is based upon days in the field, quality of work, etc.

Guides also have free personal use of equipment (or are paid for having your own) and access to our employee equipment purchase program offering up to 50% off retail prices on boats and other gear.

Position dates

Our New Guide training process begins after Memorial Day at the end of May. We give hiring preference to those who can stay through Labor Day, though flexibility with ending date is possible. Staff staying into September can expect laid-back shoulder season work with opportunities for taking personal trips around the area that we work.

To Apply

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