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Why should you choose Lost Creek Adventures for our Sea Cave Tour?

Updated: Mar 25

Lost Creek Adventures guides during staff training

Why should you choose Lost Creek Adventures over other kayaking companies?

I started Lost Creek Adventures in 2011 after almost 20 years of experience in the Apostle Islands area. At that time there were only two other outfitters; Trek & Trail, and Living Adventure. I have guided for both of these companies and respect what they do. When our trips are full we refer clients to one another. There is no higher compliment. After all, we are competitors! There are a couple of other companies based outside of our area who I also believe do quality work. Unfortunately there are also some that you need to watch out for...

So what sets Lost Creek Adventures apart from the others?

True to our description

As far as sea cave tours go, Lost Creek offers complete tours true to description. Our 'Lite' tours were originally called 'half-day' tours because we take you through half of the mainland sea caves during this trip. (Compared to 'Full day tours' which take you to all the caves) We have not seen other companies do this. I see some tours turn around at the 1/4 way point, with their "full" tour only going to the half-way point. (And they charge the full day price!) A true 'half cave' tour should take you half way (assuming good weather) With an approximately 4 mile round-trip paddle. Our full 'day' cave trip is 8 miles. You will know this because you get to a beach to break for an awesome catered lunch, all included. Since we spend more time with you we also get to give you more instruction and fun facts along the way.

Our trip doesn't have hidden costs

We are the closest outfitter to the sea caves. This means that we pay your parking fee by transporting you the 4 miles to the put-in. Other outfitters have you drive 1/2 hour in their van (each way) or meet at the parking lot where YOU have to pay the parking fee. Just meet at our shop in Cornucopia (free parking) where your guide will meet with you, help you prepare, and shuttle you to the tour sight. Also, on our Full Day tour lunch is included, which is not always the case with others.

Make sure you compare "apples to apples". You won't find an outfitter who gives you more time on the water or more value for the price. Some outfitters short-change you because they know that most guests won't know the difference. (Now you do!)


Lake Superior is unpredictable and cold. You hire an outfitter to take care of you, for trained guides to watch after your welfare, and to rescue you if need be. Would you knowingly hire an outfitter that doesn't require their guides to have first aid training? Would you use an outfitter who's guides are not trained to rescue you? (This is a real issue in our area!)

We train our guides and don't let them lead until they are ready. We update their paddling skills weekly and seasonally. The owner of Lost Creek Adventures is also a certified sea kayak trainer with the American Canoe Association. Essentially this means that we not only train our guide properly, but we are hired to train other companies instructors and guides.

You Decide

My advice when choosing an outfitter would be first to ask your friends. If you don't know anyone who has been to the area then the second best option is to find reputable reviews. There is a company out there making fake reviews of the reputable companies. Luckily it's pretty easy to spot these reviews by taking the time to read the owners comments.

At Lost Creek Adventures we promise to strive for the highest standard of safety, reliability, and quality. Let us earn your trust!

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