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Course - Sea Kayak Guide Training - Introductory Level

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Our Introductory Guide Training Course is designed to provide aspiring outdoor educators and adventure leaders with the core skills and knowledge to make critical assessment & decisions as a leader on sea kayaking trips in calm to moderate sea conditions.

As it's base, this training course utilizes the American Canoe Association (ACA) Level 2 Coastal Kayak Trip Leader Course and Assessment. By the end of the training candidates will have professional experience in running a guided outdoor trip (applicable to guided trip scenarios beyond sea kayaking) and have the opportunity to take and pass a "certification of skills" that is highly regarded as the standard of the industry.

*Learn to ensure the safety & comfort of your participants.

*Provide high quality customer service & group management.

*Practice teaching cultural and natural history and and receive feedback from trainers and peers.

*Sustainability practices and Leave No Trace (LNT) skills.

Why should YOU take guide training? "Good Judgement comes from bad experiences" is an old saying in the outdoor field. The purpose of this training to help you (and your clients) skip the bad experiences, and jump ahead to becoming the best outdoor leader you can be. Our instructional staff have many years of experience in the field, and will relay anecdotes and lessons learned, while providing scenarios for students to learn from. As an outfitter we also know what employers are looking for. (Hint: It's not technical skills) This course will put you at the top of the list of potential employers.

What Guide Training Is Not

This is NOT a sea kayaking skills intensive. Though we will be providing opportunities to give and receive coaching on some paddling skills and rescues, participants should have good general knowledge and experience in a sea kayak on open water. For paddling skills courses go here.

This is also NOT a First Aid course. Though we may offer a scenario or two involving medical issues, specific first aid training and certification should be taken as a separate course at the level commensurate with your leadership goals or job requirements. For first aid training go here.

Required Equipment

You will need to provide your own equipment.

– Water Bottle – Waterproof field notebook (Write in the Rain type) & Pen x 2 – Headlamp with extra batteries – Sunglasses and Sunscreen – Casual clothing for classroom lectures – Outdoor clothing for outdoor activities – Rain Jacket (Gore-Tex or Rubber Slicker) – Rain Pants (Gore-Tex or Rubber Slicker) – Insulated jacket or clothing – Insulation Layers such as synthetic thermals/ wool thermals – Small backpack – Beanie/ Cap (Wool or Synthetic) – Outdoor Camp Cup (12-16 oz.), bowl and spoon – Reference Books (natural hx. cultural hx. field guides that you may use in your area)

Suggested Equipment

– Insulated "Thermos" type bottle – Buff or Neck Gaiter

– Personal First Aid Kit

Course Schedule

DAY 1: Introduction to the course and the American Canoe Association Course Overview - ACA Trip Leader Training and Assessment details. Leadership topics: Customer Service & Group Management, Natural & Cultural History Interpretation. Delivery methods and teaching.

On-water skills and scenarios

DAY 2: Customer Service Topics

Standard Guide Equipment

Briefings (Coffee talks) Kayak Excursion (weather permitting) Addressing Needs & Issues Sustainability (Leave No Trace)

DAY 3: Assessment of teaching/presetation skills

Kayak skills and leadership assessment Review & Closing

Course Logistics

Course Location: Cornucopia, Wisconsin - Apostle Islands, Lake Superior and inland lakes

Course Dates: Please contact us if you have a group interested for any dates. Our dates will be set for later summer.

Course Times: 8am day one to 4pm day three.

Tuition: $295. Tuition does not include meals or lodging.

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