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How FIT do I need to be to take a kayak trip? Take our 5-point survey

Updated: Feb 26

Fitness for sea kayaking is much different than for other activities. Some of our day trips are only 3 miles of paddling, some are up to 8 or 9 miles. During our overnight trips we may paddle much more.

Though just about anyone can paddle 9 miles if needed, we want our guests (and the rest of the group) to have the best experience possible, so we developed the following self-survey to help you plan the best trip for you and your group.

Rate yourself from level 1 - 5, then see trip recommendations below.

Level 1 - Doesn't do a lot of exercise for the sake of exercise. May do kayaking or canoeing on a small lake once in a while, but not regularly.

Level 2 - Exercises purposefully, low impact like walking a few miles a day, riding a bike recreationally around town, kayaking or canoeing once a week.

Level 3 - Exercises more intensively. xc ski, paddle, row.

Level 4 - Plays on a team sport, xc ski or bike at high intensity, kayak and sup regularly, or swim/gymnastics.

Level 5 - Calls yourself a sea kayaker because you do it all the time, (Such as a guide or expedition paddler) or otherwise paddles a longer distances on a regular basis. (2-3X week)

As you can see from our rating system we rate paddling at a distance even higher than high-intensity sports activities. This is because sea kayaking has a specific set of skills (using the arms and upper torso muscles in a unique way)

Now we'll offer some trip recommendations...

Motivated level 1 and level 2 paddlers

Half-Day Kayaking tours and sit on top kayak and stand up paddleboard rentals are always a great option.

Level 2 paddlers

Half-day and full day paddling tours, (Kayak and stand up paddleboard) and 2-3 day overnight kayak camping trips.

Level 3 paddlers

All of our trips are possible. If you've never sea kayaked you might want to try a shorter overnight trip first to get your "feet wet", or take a kayaking or stand up paddling class to gain a higher level of skill.

Level 4 paddlers

You should have fun on any of our trips and/or paddling courses.

Level 5 paddlers

You are probably out there on your own, or taking an instructor course with us.

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