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How much should I tip my guide?

Updated: Mar 25

Lost Creek Adventures is proud to employ some of the best guides in the industry. These folks are trained professionals and are committed to providing you with a great, safe experience. They strive to make you feel like you are a part of the Lost Creek family and hope to make your experience one you will talk about for years to come. Part of your Guide's income comes from gratuities.

In response to customer questions regarding Guide gratuities, here are some industry guidelines:

20% for an Outstanding and Memorable Experience

Your Kayaking experience was wonderful and far exceeded your expectations Your Guide was extremely knowledgeable, engaging, attentive and adaptable to your needs. He/she went above and beyond to make sure your experience was outstanding.

15% for a Great and Fun Experience

Your Kayaking experience exceeded your expectations. Your Guide provided an experience that was very informative, memorable and fun. Your Guide was very friendly and made a true difference in your experience.

10% for an Average Tour Experience

Your Guide provided you a satisfactory tour. You were given the necessary information that enabled you to have a safe, fun experience.

0% for Anything Else

If you have had anything less than a great experience we hope that you will provide us with feedback on how we can improve.

Our staff and owner value your honest feedback and follow-up on all customer comments and suggestions. Lost Creek Adventures values the opportunity to serve our customers and is committed to high standards of customer experience.

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