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The Apostle Islands - Favorite Places

Updated: May 1, 2019

Sometimes a place just stands out. Maybe we've been there a lot, or maybe it's so tough to get there we only visited once. Either way these experiences are unforgettable. In this short article we will forgo talking about our most popular trips, and instead talk about some of the lesser known, but really cool places to see in our area. These range from guided trips that we offer to ones that we would like to, if enough people could be convinced to join us!

SUPing on Lake superior can seem daunting. It's big and usually cold. One spot we love to go to is Romans Point. This trip falls into the category (for most) of a more difficult way to get to a location. After all, stand up paddleboarding is more physically challenging than kayaking, with more low-risk consequences (falling in) But going via SUP gives you some pretty cool options for exploring the caves and backwaters of this area while being semi-protected from the big lake.

Inside sea cave at Romans Point

Within this cave system you can lay down and pull yourself under and through formations a kayaker couldn't possibly consider. You can stand and see fish and beautiful rocks under the surface. You can sit and fish or eat lunch and just float. I know of a guy who snorkels out here too. Romans Point is named after the first non-native settlers on this land. Lot's of history to explore on the water and off. To get to Romans Point paddle from Cornucopia beach towards the point to the west about 1 mile. Lost Creek rents SUP's and kayaks and offers instruct-tours.

Kayaking at Romans' Point by Moonlight

Lots of areas to explore by moonlight; Romans Point, Bark Bay, Lost Creek... Many people think we are crazy to offer nighttime paddles, but this is usually the calmest part of the day, and with a full moon there is plenty of light to see by. Just make sure to bring a flashlight so other boats can see you. It's also a good idea to hug the shoreline, just in case. Locations include Cornucopia, Herbster, and Port Wing beaches, travel east or west along the shoreline.

The Flag River in Port Wing is an amazing paddle reminding me of canoeing in the everglades. Some great trout fishing can be had too.

Biking can be had via road and trail. A nice road/easy trail ride from Cornucopia is Lost Creek Falls. Head west on highway 13 for about 2 miles to Klemick Road, then go about 1 mile on a gravel road to a gated yellow trail on your left. Take this trail (usually dry) about a mile until you hit another gate and take a walk towards the sound of waterfalls.

A great trail for mountain bikers is the CAMBA system as Mt. Ashwabay. This system offers challenges from novice to advanced, with new trails being built all the time.

We hope this information has given you a glimpse in to some of the great things to do outside while in our area. We will keep adding to it as we add to our experiences!

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