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What Apostle Islands Tour Is Right For Me?

Updated: Mar 25

We have guests who underestimate their abilities and those who overestimate their abilities. We get people who want to push themselves and those who want a leisurely day on the water. How do we decide who to include on which trips? The answer is simple; We don't! You do. (At least for the most part.)

Group Trips

Since reality is that we don't know you or what you are capable of we try to describe our trips the best that we can, and hope you will choose wisely. There are a few things to keep in mind though.

1. Pushing physical abilities.

A guided trip is not necessarily the time to push your limits. If you cannot keep up or complete the trip you are potentially putting others in danger. If you want to be pushed try an easier trip and paddle harder. Do circles around the group if you feel up for it. If you don't know your limits don't try to find them the very first time you get on the water.

2. Don't underestimate yourself.

If you are in reasonable shape and have no distracting physical impairment you should be able to accomplish ANY of our trips..

3. Mental ability & understanding of instructions

If you or someone in your group has a mental impairment that could affect others on a trip we should be made aware of this prior to you signing up. We need every paddler to be willing and able to follow instructions. This category could also apply to participants with English as a secondary language, or to those of a younger age with issues regarding being able to focus on instructions.

To help you choose here is a quick run-down of our guided trips from less to more difficult.

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