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Knife Sharpening
Sauna ladle (courtesy Paul Van Horn)
Bushcraft shelter
Heat treating a blade
Blade ready to quench
Scandinavian knife handle workshop

ON THE EDGE - A Lost Skills Symposium

Lost Skills Symposiums feature folk and traditional arts that are rarely seen in our modern daily life, but daily life is where these skills were meant to be used!


Our current theme; "On The Edge" is a gathering for those interested in learning the construction, care and use of edge tools in the context of simplicity. At the end of this workshop you should be able to replicate any of the skills learned without a fancy workshop or expensive tools.


Join us for a unique weekend with a focus on what is arguably (after sliced bread) humans most useful invention; Edged Tools.


Dates: April 9-10, 2016

Location: Lost Creek Folk School, Cornucopia Wisconsin is our meeting place with a short drive required for getting to some of the workshops.

Making A Scandinavian Style Belt Knife with Scott Rouch

Scott is a full time maker of swords, knives and other edged tools. In this class you will start with a blank of high quality steel, file shape it while learning about the process through discussion, learn how to create a consistant bevel, harden and temper your blade, learn about sharpening and then create your own custom handle. You will come away with a great knife. Visit Scott's webpage or

Download PDF for workshop details.

Making the Crooked Knife with Paul Sveum

Give me an axe, an awl and a crooked knife and I can make you a life in the woods. Or you can learn how to make and use those tools and you can make that life for yourself. The crooked knife has been used for generations by traditional craftsmen to make everything from birch bark canoes to bows.

This wood carving tool is deceivingly simple- a bent metal blade tied to a curved piece of wood, but just like anything in life, the devil is in the details. A poorly made crooked knife will skip over the wood without cutting in and will tire you wrist and hand while a well made crooked knife will shave wood like an angry beaver with very little effort.

Download PDF for workshop details. 

Introduction to Bushcraft Tools & Uses with Paul Sveum

Paul works as a bushcraft teacher for Jack Mtn Bushcraft in Maine. See Paul's Blog.

This day will be spent outside using the knife, axe and saw to make what you need to live in the bush.

Download PDF for workshop details.

Care And Sharpening of Edge Tools with Greg Weiss

Greg has been teaching bush knife, axe and draw knife use in his Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival classes since 1995. This class will be an introduction to what makes a knife sharp, and then you get to play. Bring your dull knives!

Knife Making
Knife Making
Crooked Knife
Crooked Knife Workshop

Crooked Knives

Knife Sharpening
Spoon Carving with Greg Weiss

We will take a fresh cut birch log and carve it into a spoon. Sounds simple, right? Have you ever tried? Making a spoon that you actually want to use or feel good about gifting as a present takes some preparation and knowledge of spoon anatomy, as well as a lot of different hand carving skills.

This is a great workshop for beginners to learn various methods of using edge tools and coincides nicely with Paul's crooked knife workshop.

Maple Syruping Basics

Though not much to do with edged tools, tis the season for tapping, so you will be able to help us boil down some sap for Sunday mornings pancake breakfast!


Other Workshops In The Works...

Flintknapping Basics

Tomahawk Throwing

Making and throwing 20 penny shuriken

Friday April 8th

We're planning on having an informal fun evening of campfires, tomahawk throwing, and potluck for anyone interested. This will be free so anyone is welcome to join us.


Saturday April 9th

8am - Meet and greet.

8:30am - Head off to workshops.

Making A Scandinavian Style Belt Knife

Making the Crooked Knife

Maple Sap Boiling - All day, come and go.

5pm - Workshops end for the day.

6pm - Chili feed. Bring your own drinks.

7pm - Care and Sharpening of Edge Tools


Sunday April 10th

8am - Meet for coffee, pancakes, and fresh maple syrup!

8:30am - Head off to workshops.

Making a Scandinavian Style Belt Knife (continued)

Introduction to Bushcraft Skills

Wooden Spoon Carving

4pm - Workshops come to a close.




The Cornucopia area has several options for camping and lodging. The best resource is at We have camping space at headquarters, but it's just a space. No ameneties are available.


Symposium Fees

Tuition: $135 early bird individual, $165 after March 14th. $65 for helpers 15 years of age or under.  

Includes any and all  workshop instruction, Chili dinner, morning coffee and Sunday pancakes. The materials fees listed on workshop PDFs are payable directly to your instructor at the event.


Materials fees:

Making a Scandinavian Style Belt Knife: $50

Making the Crooked Knife: $25

Intro to Bushcraft: $35

Care and sharpening of Edge Tools: None.

Wooden spoon carving: None or $10 for carving knife if needed.

Spoon Carving Workshop
Backsmithing Workshop
Wood Carving
Help us spread the word. Download our event poster
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