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Support & Repairs Specialist

1 part-time position open

The Ideal Support & Repair Specialist

Is someone who loves diversity of work, and are not only great at problem solving, but someone who can see problems early on and fix them before anyone knew it was an issue. 

The Work

S&R staff do lots of kayak repairs, (Training included) landscaping, and cleaning vehicles and the facility to driving rental shuttles. Early and late season work available.

Qualifications & Responsibilities

Experience with the subject, skills, and tools of the position that you are applying for, as well as:

  • On time and able to work early and/or late hours.

  • Personable and easy going

  • Neat appearance

  • 18+ years old

  • Sense of humor 

  • Confident problem-solving abilities

  • Own transportation to and from work

  • Clean driving record and experience in chosen area of work.

Compensation & Benefits

We have a five-level system, with experience, ability, commitment, and knowledge of our business bringing commensurate increases in compensation. Substantial increases are given to staff leveling up, seniority each 55 days worked, and for previous experience. We also provide up to a $1000 bonus at the completion of your contract. With bonus included, first season Support Staff working full time can expect up to $17/hr wages. For those with experience or seniority top pay is approximately $22/hr


Benefits include personal development offerings, training, free trips and rentals, employee purchase program, and pay raises as skills develop. End of season bonus given for work quality and for completing your contract. 

Position dates

Can start as early as May 1st to help get equipment ready for summer. Labor Day or later is preferred for an end date.

To Apply

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