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Sorry, currently not offering online gift cards, please
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How Do Gift Cards Work?

We offer two options; Our Cash Amount gift card is great if you want to leave your future tour options open. Valid for the amount on the card. Our Activity-Specific gift card is better if you know what you want, since it is inflation-proof if our prices increase.

To purchase:

  1. Click on your choice below and fill out your personal information. This is for billing purposes.

  2. Then, you can either include the recipients information to receive the gift right away, or, leave that section blank and you will receive the gift 'code' that you can include as part of a birthday or holiday card, etc. There is no physical card to lose, and you get to create your gift announcement however you like!

  3. To redeem, either call us with the code to book, or book online and enter this code during checkout.

Purchase CASH Tour & Class Gift Card

Paddling & Learning Adventures Cash Amount Gift Card 

This gift card is good towards any tour, paddleboard or sit-on-top kayak rental, and any class.

(This gift card is NOT redeemable for sea kayak rentals or retail items)

Gift Cards never expire but are non-refundable. If we cancel your activity due to weather,  etc., you may reschedule.

Activity-Specific Gift Cards 

These are a great way to gift an experience to a loved one or to yourself! One thrifty benefit of purchasing an activity-specific gift card is that it will always be good towards that activity, regardless of a price increase, and they never expire.

Gift Cards are non-refundable, however if we cancel your activity due to weather, etc., you may reschedule.

Half Day Apostle Islands Sea Caves Tour
Full Day Apostle Islands Sea Caves Tour
Romans Point Caves & Nature Paddle
Sand Island in a Day
Full Moon Kayaking
Stand Up Roman's Point Sea Caves
Stand Up Houghton's Point Sea Caves
Stand Up Bark Bay Slough
Gift Certificates
Island Overnight (2 day)
The Island Wanderer (3 day)
Apostle Islands Exploration (4 day)
The Experienced Paddler (4 day)
The Outer Limits (5 day)
Wilderness Explorer (6 day)
Introductory Safety Course
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