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What are the best Apostle Islands Sea Caves? Don't book a kayak trip before reading this!

Updated: Feb 26

Mainland Sea Caves

The Apostle Islands are home to many cliffs, overhangs, arches, and sea stacks, but there are actually only a few locations that have actual sea caves or "undercut re-entrants". These sea caves are a part of the "Devils Island formation" geologically, and the locations that display this type of rock are:

*Devils Island, west side primarily

*The 'Mainland' caves accessed via Meyers Beach near Cornucopia

*Sand Island - Swallow Point on the east side

Below is a fly-over photo of the Mainland Sea Caves marked with some of the main caves and landmarks.

These are the famous sea caves that most folks come to see. There are other very nice cliff locations in the western part of our area that display sandstone from the Orienta formation. This is a thinner layer of sandstone than the Devils Island formation, but it still has the nice layering and caves. These locations are:

*Romans Point in Cornucopia

*Spirit Point between Cornucopia and Meyers Beach

And on the east side of our area other locations display sandstone from the Chequamegon formation. This rock tends to be less layered, which is why it made good building material at the turn of the 19th century. (But less spectacular sea caves)

*Stockton Island

*Basswood Island

*Madeline Island - Big Bay State Park

*Along the shoreline from Washburn to Bayfield.

We hope this information helps! Please contact us if you are interested in a sea cave tour.

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