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Sea Caves 'Lite' Day Trip Overview

Updated: Mar 25

Sunset tour at the mainland sea caves

The half-day sea caves trip is our most highly sought after adventure and the one that other outfitters have tried to copy. In just 4 hours we teach you the basics of sea kayaking technique and safety, guide you safely through the largest sea caves on the mainland, and get you back in time for your BBQ, the show at the Big Top, or your next adventure.


- Tandem sea kayak with associated safety equipment

- Wetsuits as needed; they go down to your ankles and are sleeveless; your guide will check the air and water temperatures and make their recommendation

- Professionally trained guides

- Transportation to and from our headquarters in Cornucopia, WI, the western gateway to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. (We are the closest outfitter to the sea caves)


- Take our 4pm trip. This is a unique trip time and one in which we can offer because of our close proximity to the caves. You are out and back before sunset, but the lighting is fantastic for photography, there are less waves, and far fewer paddlers. (All the other outfitters are gone)


- A rain jacket. Why? It's always chilly on the lake and a rain jacket will help you avoid getting wet from splash, from your fellow paddler steering you under a waterfall, and, well, if it's raining. (Yes we still go out if it's not too bad, and sometimes rainy days are the best for paddling.)

- A snack. Paddling is sitting, but it's still work. You may get hungry, and what better excuse to eat some chocolate?

-Shoes you can get wet. Many people are fine going barefoot as well.

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