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Sand Island In A Day Tour Overview

Updated: Mar 25

Sand Island is pretty cool. Just 4 miles from our put-in we can see it from the launch. To the right (east) are the sea caves, to the north, our destination for the day is the prettiest lighthouse in the Apostle Islands, (We can't see this from the launch) and from as far as the eye can see we have flat calm water to paddle across.

Sand Island was one of the most inhabited of the Apostle Islands, with over 100 people living there during it's heyday.

We were the first outfitter to do a Sand Island In A Day trip because of the diversity one finds on and around the island. You can still see the remnants of days past in old foundations, stone walkways, apple orchards, and supposedly there is even an old airstrip! (But I can't find it)

We also like to visit the island for a one night stand via our Sand Island Overnight. What's the difference between the day trip and overnight? Camping of course! Which in our case means great food and company, as well as time to do further exploring via the islands walking trails.

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