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Article - Bulletproof Coffee For Camping

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

In my 30 years experience of guiding outdoor trips I can say that besides the people you are with, food is at the top of the list of "make or break" . (Sort of like everyday life, right?) And at the top of many campers list of "needs" is a good cup of coffee to start the day.

For those of you unfamiliar with Bulletproof coffee, the gist is you take regular coffee brewed however you like, but you then add fats rather than milk. Why? Besides tasting great, the added fat fills you up a bit and gives you a sustained energy, while keeping the caffeine "jolt" to a minimum, instead allowing your body to digest the coffee more slowly. I find that I can drink bulletproof coffee first thing in the morning before breakfast with no ill side-effects. I don't like to drink non-bulletproof coffee first thing due to the jitters, and the energy drop that comes later.

Bulletproof coffee for camping

Also, unless you like your coffee black, bullet-proofing is a great way to add your "half & half" without the need for refrigeration. Our sea kayaking trips are a bit more luxurious than say, backpacking, because you can take along a lot of items that you normally wouldn't while carrying it all on your back, however unless you're rafting or winter camping you still can't take along a blender or keep items cool for an extended period.

Below is ONE way to make bulletproof coffee that will work for camping.

Ingredients per person:

1. Good coffee. You need to know that you like the coffee you are making before adding anything to it. Brew however you normally do.

2. One tablespoon unsalted butter or Ghee. Ghee lasts indefinitely away from refrigeration. Butter lasts me a couple of weeks if it's cool out, Maybe 4 days during the summertime.

3. One tablespoon coconut or MCT Oil (Basically a refined coconut oil)


*Organic vanilla powder

*Organic cinnamon


Besides your coffee brewing gear, you will need a jar with a lid that will close securely. A glass jar like for canning is great.


1. Put the butter and oil, (and vanilla and cinnamon) in the jar,

2. Pour in brewed coffee. When finished pouring, close the glass jar as tightly as you can with the lid and shake vigorously for about 1 minute. You want to emulsify the oils and aerate the coffee. It will turn a lighter color as if you put half & half in.

3. Drink straight from the jar.


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