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Paddle Swap

red tempest on beach
passage on beach
blue tempest
green sot single
G3 on beach
This event happens Saturday & Sunday, Memorial Day weekend 
Lost Creek Adventures Store, Cornucopia WI.


Lost Creek Adventures used equipment is on sale! Items include boats, SUPs, paddles, wetsuits, tents, and much more. Visit our store page for what we currently have available.

PaddleSwap also includes a silent auction consignment sale. Bring in your used equipment to sell or pick something up at a great price. Consignment sales help fund our youth scholarship program. 

To see some of our current sale items visit our online store. We will also post updates on Facebook as we get closer to the

Event Schedule

Sellers: Bring in your gear between 8am and 10am on Saturday.
Shoppers: PaddleSwap shopping open through Sunday 4pm.
Sellers: Sunday 4-6pm: Pick up unsold gear and payment. (you must pick up your unsold items today)

Silent Auction Consignment Sale Details
Sellers bring in your used paddling and other outdoor gear and name your price keeping in mind our below consignment fee.  with a price in mind. The fee amount goes towards our Scholarship Fund!

Our (super low) consignment fee on per item (not total sales):
Sale price up to $200 15%
Sale price $201-500 10%

Sale price $501 & up 5%

To Prepare:
1.) If you are planning on selling, please send us photos to add to the slideshow or a link to your items on the web and we'll start drawing interest. This helps get more people, and increases your chances of selling your items.
2.) You should mark your items with the asking price. You can do so with duct or masking tape, or price stickers. There will also be tape and markers available for you at the sale.
3.) Bring your items Saturday morning 8am-10am. You can bring them later too, but most folks stop by early.

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