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Internships at Lost Creek Adventures

Seasonal Full & Part-Time

The Ideal Intern

Is someone in need of internship credits for college, or who may not qualify to apply for a full position due to age or current ability, but who are excited to learn and grow! Interns are paid staff and can work any role described in our job section.

The Work

At Lost Creek Adventures most internships are paid the same as with our 'regular' positions. The difference is that our interns often work a shorter schedule than full time, and/or work a more diverse set of roles. Some days you may be assisting with a guided trip, while other days you might be cleaning a van or answering the phones, depending upon your internship goals and our business needs.

Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Timely and able to work early and late hours

  • Good communication skills

  • Sense of humor

  • Friendly people-centered attitude

  • Willing to spend the time with clients to make it the best experience possible

  • Confident problem-solving attitude

  • Own transportation to and from work

  • Love of the outdoors!

Compensation & Benefits

Internships with Lost Creek Adventures are paid so long as work is being performed. Occasionally an intern may be in a training-only position with hopes of gaining a paid position.

All paid employees are compensated according to the guidelines of our five-level system described on the other position pages. We also offer up to $1000 bonus to all staff who were on payroll and complete their contract dates.

Interns get free personal use of equipment and access to our employee equipment purchase program offering up to 50% off retail prices on boats and other gear.

Position dates

We open May 15th and run through mid-September. Office staff training starts before Memorial day weekend, and guide staff training starts after Memorial Day. 

To apply

ALL positions are open to internships.

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