Custom Trips

Length: Any

Skill Level: Any

Custom Trips

Length: Any

Skill Level: Any

Our custom options allow us to plan a trip around you and your groups needs and desires. A custom trip is ideal for larger groups who would like to limit participants to just your team, family, troop, etc.

If you have a group we will work with you to create the trip you want, when you want. Families, Non-profits, and Camps receive special pricing and may customize a trip to any length.

Dates Available

Any dates starting June 20th

Itinerary & Campsites: Any

Group size: 4 minimum and up to 18

Cost: Contact us for information

Contact us to chat about your goals, available dates, and route options.

A (not so) Typical Custom Trip Itinerary

Some groups want to see a specific island, some want to put on a lot of miles, and others want time to practice yoga and journal on the beach for an hour each day. We can get to an island and base camp there for a few days or we can move camp each day. We can provide wonderful meals or you can bring your own food and save some money.

A custom trip experience is up to you, the weather, and what we can get for camping permits. For this reason its best to secure a custom trip early. (January is great but we can try for campsite permits at any time)

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