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Complete Outfitting

No availability for 2024

Let us help you create the perfect Apostle Islands Trip for your group. No food prep. Quality equipment. You just show up with a few essentials and get out there. Our "Complete" package consists of everything that our guided overnight tours include except the guide; kayak kit, group gear, food, and compact kitchen.

Who is the Complete Outfitter for? Renters should be competent in the outdoors, have kayak safety experience, and good judgment. If you are having second thoughts about safety we recommend taking a guided overnight trip first. Guides are trained to make informed decisions, know when it's hazardous to be on the water, have practiced rescue ability, cook great food, and know about the area. Also realize that having a guide along removes the personal liability your group will have for equipment breakage that you otherwise take on when renting. 

Don't need the camping gear? See our sea kayak rental options.

Complete Outfitting Includes

Complete Outfitting is a set package. No exclusions or substitutes are allowed.

  • Paddling gear: Kayaks, paddles, spray decks, wet suits, life jackets.

  • Safety gear: Rescue floats & Pumps, 1 VHF radio

  • Packing gear: 3 dry bags per person. 1 small, 1 medium, 1 large.

  • Camping gear: Tents, dining fly, and kitchen, including water filter. 

  • Food: Lunch day 1 through Lunch on your last day. 

  • Pre-trip route and campsite planning assistance.

  • Introductory Safety Course on day 1. 

  • Kitchen gear & menu briefing with group day 1 during lunch at our location.

  • Shuttles to your put-in approximately 2pm, and returning at 10am or 2pm on your last day.

Complete Outfitting Does NOT Include
  • Your camping permit & fee. Plan on $15 per night per campsite plus a one-time $20-$30 reservation fee depending upon group size. We help you make your plan, but you must submit for your own permit.

  • Sleeping bag & pad, personal items.

  • Guide related safety gear. (First aid kit, tow ropes, etc.)

No more availability for 2022!

Read Complete Outfitting Planning & Payment Information

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