Camping Equipment Rentals

This is the same equipment that we use to outfit our trips. High quality and durable, and it works with our kayaks. Reserve ahead! 

*Additional charge will be applied to items returned dirty/broken depending upon cost to clean, repair, or replace. 

All Camping Tents

High-quality dome & A-frame style tents. 2, 3, and 4 person options.

$10 - 1 Day/24 hours

$5 - each additional 24 hours

Soft-Sided Cooler

These are thinly insulated coolers meant to fit in the hatch of a kayak. They can keep items reasonably cool for 24 hours if kept with ice or frozen items. After 24 hours they work fine to keep temperatures from fluctuating too much. Use perishable items first.


Good for a group up to 6 for 3-4 days.

$5 - 1 Day/24 hours

$2 - each additional 24 hours


Good for a group day or 1 night trip to keep the main perishable items cool. 

$3 - 1 Day/24 hours

$1 - each additional 24 hours

Coleman 2 Burner Propane Stove

These will only fit in our tandem and triple kayaks. Great for group cooking.

$8 - 1 Day/24 hours

$4 - each additional day


Propane Canisters

Good for 1-2 days for a group of 6, depending upon use.

$4 each

Apostle Islands Kayak Camping
Apostle Islands Kayak Camping
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