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Lost Creek Adventures & Covid-19

During the summer of 2020 most of our guests came from within driving distance of home. Kids were out of summer school and camp programs were shut down so we had lots of family adventures. We even offered new lodging opportunities. As far as we know we had no cases of Coronavirus. Our guests and staff stayed safe.

It was different though. No camping was allowed in the Apostle Islands. We followed all CDC guidelines by limiting indoors spaces, offering outdoor sanitizers, lots of mask wearing, physical distancing, and we spent extra time cleaning our communal spaces, door knobs, etc.

Since last year the world has learned a lot. What are the high-risk activities, and what things can we do more safely? Luckily for us, one of the key take-aways has always been our motto; being outside is the best way to stay healthy. Some of our current precautions include;

  • Kayak Tours - Though we run trips with mixed groups, we keep every family in their own kayaks, whether they be single, double, or even triple kayaks. After each trip we sanitize the main touch points and wash all soft goods such as lifejackets, (and of course wetsuits we always wash between guests)

  • Rentals - As with our tours, all equipment is sanitized between users. Normally we offer shuttles for renters along with their gear. During 2020 renters drove themselves and we met them at the put-in. We expect this may be the same for 2021

  • Shuttles - Last season we did not offer shuttles for our trips, and had our guests drive themselves. We expect 2021 may be the same.

  • Lodging - We use AirBNB to book our lodging, and we follow 'enhanced' guidelines specified on our booking page.

  • Cancellations - Since we already had a very lenient cancellation policy (E.g. 3 days ahead for a full refund on day tours) this actually hasn't changed. We've been thinking about adding an in-house trip cancel insurance option. Let us know if you're interested. Read our full reservation policies.

Thank you for reading and for your safety concerns. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions.

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