Kayak Camp

Kayak Camp at the sea caves
Kayak Camp at the sea caves

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Camping & Bushcraft Skills
Camping & Bushcraft Skills

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Archery & Hunting
Archery & Hunting

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Kayak Camp at the sea caves
Kayak Camp at the sea caves

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Kayak Camp incorporates outdoor skills and adventure travel in sea kayaking, wilderness survival, outdoor skills, leadership, and community building. 

Core Curriculum

Our Mission; to empower youth to grow as outdoor enthusiasts, community members, and caretakers of the planet. 

To help us get there we incorporate the following in to every day of the course

  • Activity & Physical Fitness - Exercise and skill building in the outdoors.

  • Knowledge - Map & compass, natural & cultural history, edible plants and experience with various outdoor recreation activities.

  • Teamwork - Living and learning together. Discussions. Pushing comfort zones, and mentoring others.

  • Reflection - Time at the end of day for checking in and discussion. Appreciation circle. Journaling. Solo time. 

  • Structure & Culture - There is a big difference between 'just doing stuff' and creating a culture of growth. Daily tie-ins and group building activities. Positive communication experiences, inspirational stories, quotes, and sharing.


Sea Kayaking Skills, Safety, and Rescues

Kayak Camping Adventures within the Apostle Islands

Outdoor & Wilderness Survival Skills

Map & Compass Navigation

Natural & Cultural History of the Northwoods

Wilderness First Aid Training

2022 Program Options

Camp For Organizations

Lost Creek has always welcomed camps, troops, and other groups to attend guided trips from 1 to 7 days in length. Kayak Camp for organizations is a step up from simply hiring us to guide your trip to creating a partnership to offer a comprehensive learning adventure for your youth program.

Camp For Individuals

Open to individual enrollment ages 14-16, this program focuses on self-leadership and mentoring others during one of the most formative stages of life.

Learn more and register

Kayak Camp For Organizations

Why choose Kayak Camp for your organization:

  • We supply the trained guides. To get our guides trained to the standard required by the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore requires approximately 1 month. Our Kayak Camp instructors have additional training and experience as youth leaders with organizations such as Outward Bound & NOLS.

  • We supply the permits. This requires proof of insurance, guide skills, and emergency response ability, such as Wilderness First Aid certifications for staff.

  • We supply the gear. The only equipment participants need to supply is sleeping bags and pad. (You may choose to provide food for a discounted rate)

Perhaps most importantly, Kayak Camp is designed to go beyond a regular guided trip to offer participants the most impactful, professional, and positive outdoor experience possible. Make it an educational adventure they will never forget.

Kayak Camp pricing for groups:

First step is to figure out what type and length of experience your looking for. Check out our regular day and overnight tours to figure your base rate, including any discounts for group size and food.  Most Kayak Camp activities are already included in this base rate:

  • Specifically assigned Instructor(s) trained in leadership & wilderness skills.

  • Planning session with your instructor. You create the itinerary together.

  • Primitive camping options on the mainland, in addition to camping permits in the islands, if applicable.

  • Bushcraft tool use. We supply hatchets, knives and other tools for classes, as needed.

  • Wilderness First Aid training. Short classes in what to do in an emergency.

  • Maps & Compasses for navigation classes

  • And of course, all paddling related gear, including sea kayaks, paddleboards, etc.


  • Wilderness First Aid Certification (2 days) $140 per student.

  • CPR certification $40 per student

Additional expenses to consider

  • ​Travel to and from your base.

Contact Us to discuss options for your group


Kayak Camp For Individuals Ages 14-16

Our mid-teens are some of the most formative years of our lives. It's the ideal time to learn and practice leadership and mentorship. Leadership is the ability to anticipate and act. Self-leadership pertains to ones ability to be self aware and make decisions that will have a healthy impact on their own lives.

Participants should be between the ages of 14-16 years old at the time of camp start, have a parent/guardians approval, and be medically self-sufficient. (No medications that counselors would need to administer, no allergies or medical issues that would preclude them from being safe in fairly strenuous outdoor environments, etc. Please contact us with questions.)

The Tentative Schedule

Day 1 - Meet at 9am

Introduction and move in to basecamp. Introduction to camping, kayak training, day trip paddle. Camp cooking.

Day 2

Outdoor Skills and Survival. Knife use in woodscraft.

Day 3

Traditional skills project and First Aid class

Day 4

Navigation, paddling skills/day trip, and prep for overnight.

Day 5

Final trip prep and leave for sea kayak camping trip

Day 6

Kayak camping, camping cooking. Rescue scenarios, hiking, cultural and natural history.

Day 7 

Kayak camping trip returns in the afternoon. Debrief and relax. Final circle and head home.

Dates: June 26-July 2, 2022. (Sunday-Saturday)

Tuition: $825+tax & fees. (3% National Park Service fee per person) with scholarships available. 

View Reservation & Cancellation Policies (for Kayak Camp we follow 'overnight & camping reservation' policies.)